Teacher and Pupil Testimonials

We aim to make 028 Educate the best resource possible for our users and we regularly gather feedback to help us improve and better our product. 

Here is what some our users had to say about 028 Educate:

"I have found the 028educate website to be an invaluable resource in the teaching of A-Level SSD.  As a relatively new A–Level, being able to obtain resources which are tailored specifically to the course specification has been of immense benefit.  Object Oriented Programming can be a challenging area for students to grasp, however the resources in the 028educate website have been presented at a level which tries to simplify as much as possible these challenging concepts.  As an on-line resource to teaching A-Level SSD I would definitely recommend this website!"


Noelle Quinn, St Ronan's College


"The 028 Educate SSD resources website proved to be an excellent resource for teaching the Software Systems Development AS course from CCEA. It is specifically tailored to the SSD course and includes very good theory and practical notes and examples. It was the first time I had taught the course and the resources proved to be extremely useful. There are no textbooks as such for the course and this website proved to be an excellent substitute.


Each of the students had their own username and password which allowed them to work at their own pace, ask questions from the team and reinforce work done in school. This year I decided to subscribed again to include the AS and A2 students."

Dr Martina McKiernan, Teacher, Our Lady and St. Patrick’s College

"Excellent resources to support pupil and teachers in the delivery of the SSD course. Not only were the resources tailored to the curriculum, support was provided for both coursework and exam solutions. These resources would be highly recommended for new and experienced schools to use to allow pupils to achieve and teachers to develop their knowledge with excellent bespoke support provided. Matthew and the other members of the team were very approachable and I was very impressed that new materials were released constantly throughout the year to help the teachers and students tackle this course"

Karen Stuart, Teacher, Belfast Royal Academy

"Before setting up 028 Educate , Matthew was a member of the Queen's team who developed resources and assisted teachers to develop the necessary skills and knowledge to enable them to teach the new CCEA A Level in Software Systems Development.  He also visited a number of schools to demonstrate programming skills to students who were studying the subject – one such school was Our Lady’s Grammar School in Newry and the students learned a lot from his tuition. As a result, he has a sound knowledge of what is required in the subject and the website him and his colleagues built is very comprehensive, covers the SSD specification with plenty of examples and exercises and is a great help for myself and my pupils."

Padraig McElhinney, Teacher, Our Lady's Newry

"The guys at 028educate have got a great understanding of the needs of a CCEA SSD student. Their site is full of resources to support all students across their computing journey.  In my opinion the site is built for students, all the course material are linked directly to the CCEA SSD course.  However there is a teacher Zone which is jam packed with teacher resources, tests and more.  From a teacher point of view my favourite bit it just how approachable these guys are, they have developed a forum for both students and teachers to go onto, which enables the collaboration of idea right across NI.  Overall I feel this is a service worth paying for even in the current climates of tight budgets in schools as it really does go above and beyond."


Peter McCann, Teacher, Slemish College


"Throughout my first year of A-Level Computing, 028Educate has been a terrific resource for my personal studies; the site has enabled me to further my knowledge in SSD with its tremendous list of tutorials, revision and of course the constant support from the 028Educate team. Whenever I have had difficulties understanding the fundamentals of programming, or experiencing any problems with solving sections of code, the 028Educate support forum is consistently there to assess, help or answer our problems; when using the provided service I have found a very kind and prompt response with every query I addressed. I am grateful to have this amazing source of furthering my education and I would highly recommend this service to any school."


Chloe Brown - Student

"I picked up SSD for A Level and I felt this website was very helpful especially when I was finding the course hard at times. It explained everything very well with lots of useful examples and questions so i could test myself at the end of each topic."


Meabh Devlin - Student



"I am an A student at A2 level and so far, my student opinion of the people at 028 educate to be very helpful over my AS year and great for giving resources to help understand the theory side of the computing subject. They will always answer any questions or queries that you may have within the next few days which is useful for if you are just learning the computing language and still need help to understand it or if you are trying to create a program and need some guidance along the way. 028 educate is a site I recommend for every student and people learning the computing language as it makes the subject more fun to learn with great detail."


Caelan Mclaughlin - Student



"From a A2 students point of view, The guys at 028 educate are wonderful and full of new innovative ideas that guide myself across through my computing course at As. I had found that I could approach the guys behind the forum and they would always give useful and original answers to any puzzle that I would have come across in my computing a level. They produced a lot of desirables through their use of code and design as they went above and beyond to make sure that you were presented with your solution to your problem, as well as the feedback service I felt that the actual tasks on the website were great to ensure that you had a great understand of different element of the c# language during my As year doing computing."


Patrick O’Hara - Student



"This is my second year using the 028 Educate site and I can honestly say that it has been extremely beneficial when it’s came to helping me with my coursework, the variety of resources that they have up on their website is amazing! It is able to walk you through each different task step by step, breaking it down so that you can understand what is going on and this was extremely helpful when I was adding in new code that I didn’t fully understand beforehand. I definitely recommended this site to any A-level student looking to enhance their SSD skills and knowledge."


Kerri-Ann McKeever - Student


"From my point of view as an A2 student studying SSD, 028 Educate has really been beneficial for helping with any problems I had in my AS course work. If you have any problems with code or understanding certain parts of their set by set guide you can easily message into the websites forum, from my experiences their responses are extremely fast and they aim to help you understand or fix your piece of code. Overall 028 educate is a site I would defiantly recommended this site for all students studying SSD."


Mark Rea - Student


"028 Educate is very good to use if you encounter any problems with the theory, there is tons of information on the resources area and you can also use the “contact us” or go on the forums to get a direct message from the people at 028 educate to gain guidance and help for queries and programming problems. Overall this is a very useful and helpful site and I would recommend this site to any other student studying SSD."


Callum Agnew - Student


"As a student I have found the resources on 028 educate very helpful over the past year. I am currently an A2 student and have already found the resources on the website very helpful. While completing my AS coursework last year I found the forum really beneficial as it allowed me to get additional help outside of school, all I had to do was message them my problem and within a couple of days they would have got back to me with an answer or advice on what I needed to do to achieve my objective. I feel this website is a great educational tool and would recommend it for any pupils studying computing."


Joshua Van Loggerenberg - Student


"028educate is a worthwhile service for students studying their Computing A-level. It gives a wide range of accessible resources that help in the coding and theory parts of the course. From my point of view 028educate gives me an easy to access service that assists me in my Computing studies, from learning how to create a constructor in C# to learning how to create sophisticated queries for a database in SQL. The forums aspect of the website enables me to ask about any questions I have on a specific topic and within a relatively short time the team will reply back with a good quality solution to my problem."


Titas Alvikas - Student


"As an A2 student I feel that 028 educate supported me greatly through my time at AS level when I struggled. It is a great site which offers helpful resources in every aspect of the computing course; it provides detailed explanations of current and up to date software and has useful material which can be used in preparation for exams. It is a luxury which I have access to and I feel that it is worth every penny."


Conor Graham - Student


"028 Educate was extremely beneficial during my AS studies. There is a wealth of easy to understand explanations for all of the important theory topics for the SSD exams, as well as excellent revision resources. The website was also very helpful for completing coursework, with example solutions and a collaborative programming forum to discuss ideas and problems. I am looking forward to utilising the site again throughout my A2 work!"


Daniel Bingham - Student


And many more ...